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eowyn_of_avalon's Journal

13 April
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I am:

- a born again Christian and adopted daughter of the Living God
- Grace and Avalon's mother
- a wife, daughter, and friend
- a writer
- a dancer
acting, almonte, ancient ireland, anne of green gables, archery, artistic use of clothing, avalon, baby giggles, ballet, barbecue potato chips, barbies, being a mom, being a youth minister, belly dance, betty boop, board games, books, bubble baths, candles, cheesecake, christianity, church, cinderella, clothes, costume parties, creative writing, cuddling, dance classes, dance clubs, dancing with my daughter, dancing with my husband, dark chocolate, decorating the christmas tree, doublebills at the mayfair, dr. seuss, dressing up, eclectic jewelry, embroidery, entertaining, exploring new restaurants, fairy tales, faith, family worship time, fellowship, flirting, fondues, funky shoes, girly drinks with umbrellas, girly stuff, god, grace, hamsters, harry potter, herbal tea, hip-hop, homeschooling, hot tubs, imagination, in-line skating, indian food, interior decorating, ireland, irish language, j.r.r. tolkien, jeans that fit, journalling, labyrinths, leopard print, lewis, listening_to_loud_music_in_the_car, liturgical dance, london, losing weight, macaroni and cheese, manic panic, massages, medieval garb, medieval re-enactment, mermaids, middle ages, mitford books, moonlight, my couple's study, my daughters, my female friends, my harp, my small group, nachos and cheese, nail polish, neil anderson, norway, old movies, peanut butter and chocolate, people watching, perrier water, photography, pilates, playing with make up, poetry, preaching, pretty lingerie, purpose, quiet time, raspberries, re-inventing myself, red hair, red roses, rocky horror picture show, rome, scrap booking, sewing, shopping, silver jewelery, singing, spas, tango, teaching, teddy bears, thai food, the caribbean, tiger print, trading spaces, u2, unicorns, unusual hats, veggie tales, velvet, victorian clothing, victorian era, vineyard's, vintage clothing, walking_barefoot_on_a_beach, walks with my daughter, water, what not to wear, wilde, wine and cheese, writing